16 Kw Generac Air Cooled Fully Automatic Generator PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING


*Price Includes Install Package And 16 Circuit Transfer Switch*

*Please Call For Special Pricing On Generator/Transfer Switch Only*

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16 Kw Generac Air Cooled Fully Automatic Generator

This unit was designed for the home owner that needs some real power for delicate equipment and heavy loads alike such as base board electric heat or allot of motor loads like water pumps, sewage pumps, multiple sump pumps or hot tubs. This unit gives you a full 45% more power over the 11 kw !

  • Prevent flooded basements
  • Keep the heat on
  • Provide water
  • Keep the fridge and freezer operational
  • Supply a counter top plug for light cooking
  • A light in the kitchen
  • computers
  • Delicate TV’s / entertainment systems
  • sewage pumps
  • garage door openers
  • water heaters
  • fire place fans
  • bath and bedroom lights
  • stair lights
  • sub panels
  • …………………and more depending on how your home was wired

Comes in a weather tight enclosure, 5 year limited warranty,super low noise rating of 64 dba, 16 circuit fully automatic transfer switch that is pre-loaded with the circuit breakers, data logging computer for fast and easy trouble shooting, fire rated for 18″ and 4 meters of indoor rated power and control cable. The 11 kw and larger also puts you into a v-twin motor with a truck style stater and improved air induction system. A better choice if you are on Propane fuel, north of Hwy #7 and suffer greater than average power failures.

Professionally installed we can have this done in 6-7 hours. Package price on the install and generator includes;

  • The generator package above
  • Delivery and placement to sight
  • New interstate mega-tron plus 525 cca battery
  • Fuel configuration
  • Master electrician and electrical permits
  • First 4 meters of indoor power and control cable
  • Whip and connection box
  • Connection to main panel
  • Feed breaker
  • Breaker swap outs
  • Custom pre cast cement pad
  • Labor, clamps, screws
  • Warranty registration
  • Programming of computer
  • Walk through to show you how it works and test run operation
  • All in price plus tax and gas connection


  • Thermally controlled heater kit
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty
  • Additional power and control cabling
  • Gen Secure, ties to your home security system
  • Basic wireless fault detection
  • Mobile link cell monitor
  • Skirt kit / trim kit
  • Gas connection
  • Propane tank kit with line and regulator





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