GENconnect Generator Monitoring System ( Price Includes Installation)


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GENconnect Monitor System

Generator Monitoring Services

GENconnect provides remote generator monitoring services to dealers who sell and service residential, commercial and industrial backup generators.

The GENconnect solution uses best-of-class cloud, cellular, and monitoring device technology.


Supported Generators

The solution can support any make or model of generator, including Generac, Eaton, Honeywell, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and more.

Automatic Reports

  • Availability of utility power
  • Availability of load side power
  • Generator status (running or off)
  • Generator fault status
  • Battery level

Real-time Fault Reports and Alert Notifications

The monitoring unit includes a digital input to report Common Alarm Faults. Each Fault event can trigger real-time Alert Notifications sent via email and/or text messages directed to specific recipients.

Battery Reports / Battery Alarms

Battery Level is measured without assistance from the Battery Charger. Sends real-time Alert Notifications if any battery or alternator problems occur.

Verify Weekly Self-Tests

The website reports if a generator has failed to run in its defined exercise interval, and sends Alert Notifications for “Failure to Exercise.”

Maintenance Reminders

“Service Due” reminders are sent as the generator approaches its service interval. Service intervals are user-configurable by Date and/or by Engine Run-Hours. The “Service Due” reminders can be sent as email messages to specific recipients.


Will GENconnect affect my generator warranty?

No, your generator warranty will not be affected. This is a read only device. It does not connect to the accessory port on the controller. It only connects to the Aux terminals the generator factory provides.

Can GENconnect remote start the generator?

No*. We have the capability, but decided we wanted a “read only” device. For security we did not want any opening for hackers, and for service safety, we did not want the engine starting as a technician is working with his hands in the engine bay.

Can GENconnect clear codes?

No*.  It is highly recommended that your service technician do an onsite inspection before clearing codes.

Can GENconnect measure fuel level?

Yes*, but only with a controller that has alarms set for “low fuel level”.

Does GENconnect work on old generators?

Yes, any Genset before 2008 may not have a “common fault” hookup, but our “Fail to exercise alarm” ,”Load Side off alarm” and “Generator stopped alarm” are equivalent.

*Industrial Solution

The industrial solution allows full controller access to certified technicians, including remote start, clearing codes, and reading fuel level, if the generator supports it.


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