Off Grid

Thinking of buying a rural property? Trying to figure out whether it makes more sense to go “On Grid” or “Off Grid”? Is it best to clear a right-of-way, bring in power poles and connect to the local power utility, or to forget all that and set up your own private system using solar panels, batteries, and a generator, or other viable off-grid energy sources such as propane?

Either way, unless you choose to live without electricity, having a reliable source at the lowest cost is key to living comfortably—and staying connected to the rest of the world.

The reality
In situations where there is the option of going on grid or off grid, cost will be the first consideration. With the ever rising Hydro Rates, we are seeing more and more people coming in to talk about cutting the cord with Hydro, or even calling and asking about going Off Grid due to rising Hydro Cost. For a house with a daily consumption of 8 kWH’s/ day(rough estimate) to go Off Grid the cost would be roughly $35,000.One of the reasons many people choose off grid is that they don’t want to get stuck paying electrical bills for the rest of their lives, especially when uncertain about how high electricity rates will climb in the coming years. Going off grid means being independent of power companies. And while the capital cost of setting up an efficient Off-Grid system may be higher than bringing in utility power (depending on the location of the nearest source) this is normally offset over the ensuing years by monthly costs much lower than a power company bill.

Ongoing costs: Once an Off-Grid solar system is installed, the ongoing costs can vary quite a bit. There will be fuel and upkeep for the generator, propane and/or wood for cooking, heating and possibly domestic hot water. Batteries last about five to 10 years.Costs can range from as little as around $1,000 per year  to $3,000 or more for areas heavily dependent on their generators. Mind you these are rough estimates as each house is different and has different set-ups, so it could be a little less or a bit more.

Here at Geco Industries we can help you do it right the 1st time. Don’t make the mistake many have made thinking going Off Grid is easy, just cut the utility lines coming into my house throw up a windmill, grab some batteries and I am Off Grid. We all wish it was that easy !! We work with a very experienced Solar team from the Kingston Area, they look after the solar end of the system, we look after the generator end of the system to ensure the entire system is set up properly. 

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If Diesel is what your interested in, we can do that to.